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Bipolar Disorder - The Hidden Disease

Bipolar disorder - what is bipolar disorder: Diseases are and have become part of our lives in some way or another whether affecting us individually or in our family units.
It seems that as every day passes more and more people are suffering from many chronic, harsh and potentially life threatening diseases such as bipolar disorder.
There are many reasons why we as a society suffer from these maladies whether they are stress, unawareness, abusive life styles, genetics and even age related.
Statistically bipolar disease is popping up on the radar on a more frequent basis.
In fact the number of individuals diagnosed with this disorder increases yearly.
Although there is evidence of a genetic component there is also literature that indicates that aggravating factors include the chronic stress we subject ourselves to on a daily basis.
These stressors include but are not limited to financial stress, loss of jobs worries, relationship issues, and other forms of stress in our society.
Right now with the economic plight we are currently experiencing as a society we tend to think and act negatively which can also trigger the disease.
Bipolar disorder is a hyper depressive illness and is essentially is a brain disorder.
There are links to brain related chemical imbalances of serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine.
Rapid mood alterations is a characteristic of this disorder with times of mania and times of severe depression.
This at times will make you feel helpless and as a result your relationships will become strained.
Your energy levels at times will drop drastically without any rhyme or reason.
Individuals tend to have feelings of being overwhelmed which creates a general feeling of weakness.
Fatigue associated with this disorder can become crippling and leave you with the inability to participate in activities.
The mind in essence becomes sluggish and this leaves the individual with the inability to carry out the simplest of daily routines.
The bipolar disorder will certainly limit your ability to be constructive and thus create an ongoing feeling of helplessness.
The symptoms of bipolar disease can vary from person to person and this is why is is sometimes so difficult to diagnose.
Coping ability to deal with this problem oftentimes depends on the support one has from family, friends, and professionals.
A person with bipolar disorder can eventually have a negative effect on family and friends who do not understand the illness.
Children can often start to resent a parent with this problem and this usually results from the ongoing mood changes.
Many children that are suffering from this horrible disease have a reduction of their learning abilities which eventually effects their performance at school.
It is important to have your child who suffers from bipolar disease evaluated by the school staff for special needs that might be required.
A person with bipolar disorder often acts in a lethal way which can definitely effect ones career which can eventually lead to a loss of a job or profession.
A person with severe bipolar disorder sometimes develop suicidal thoughts which can lead to an actual suicide attempt to suicide.
Therefore, one must take special care of individuals who suffer from the bipolar disorder.
As you can see a person who suffers from bipolar disorder needs to be evaluated properly so he or she can get effective treatment.
there are many forms of treatment available and include medication, therapy and holistic alternatives.

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