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How to Shop for Bulbs Online

  • 1). Enter the Internet address of a company that sells bulbs online. Or, find an online retailer by conducting a search at a major search engine like Google or Yahoo.

  • 2). Select bulb varieties based on color, bloom time, height, ability to grow in sun or shade, and adaptation to your climate.

  • 3). Determine quantities of bulbs by noting how close they can be planted for each of your planting areas.

  • 4). Choose hardy spring-flowering bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinths, for fall delivery and planting.

  • 5). Choose tender summer-flowering bulbs, such as begonias and gladiolus, for spring delivery and planting.

  • 6). Double-check information about delivery times. Make sure they are right for planting in your area. (Generally, the farther north you are, the earlier you should plant.)

  • 7). Submit your order with completed billing and shipping information.

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