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How to Clean a Turtle Tank

    • 1). Place the turtle in a small container that has de-chlorinated water and clean rocks. To make water de-chlorinated, simply place it in a jug overnight or add some de-chlorinated treatment.

    • 2). Remove all of the gravel and decorations from the turtle tank and drain the remaining water. Clean all of the gravel and decorations with warm soapy water and rinse very well. Dishwashing liquid works well as a cleaning soap for cleaning the gravel and decorations.

    • 3). Clean the turtle's tank with warm soapy water or diluted bleach. You can dilute bleach by adding one part bleach to 30 parts of water. Be sure to clean inside and outside of the tank. Rinse the turtle's tank several times to remove all cleaning agents.

    • 4). Fill the turtle's tank with de-chlorinated water. It is very important that you use de-chlorinated water. Otherwise, the water may contain chlorine, which could be damaging to the turtle's health and well-being.

    • 5). Add the washed decorations to the turtle's tank. Arrange them so that the turtle will have sufficient room to move about the tank.

    • 6). Wash your hands and carefully place the turtle back into the tank. Your turtle will be happy to have a nice clean tank.

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