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How I Stopped My Excessive Body Sweating

Excessive body sweating is a problem that needs to be stopped as early as possible because it often leaves you embarrassed.
In fact, you may not be able to do any work confidently, or even socialize with friends.
When I had the problem I was restricted from attending parties and such social events.
In this article, you'll find remedies that I tried out.
These tips work if you do them as instructed.
Grapes are great - You can either eat them just like that, or make grape juice and gulp it everyday.
This is a completely natural method and it also helps in improving health conditions.
Your excessive sweat can be controlled if you regularly eat fresh grapes.
Baking soda and lemon juice - Take very small quantities of baking soda and mix lime juice to it.
Once you're done, just apply it on your body and I'm pretty sure you'll start seeing results within 7 - 10 days.
I recommend you apply it in the night before going to bed.
Oil and water - Mix tea tree or lavender oil with 30 - 40 mm of water and apply it on your body.
It will get rid of any body odor.
The 3 step process - This technique is popularly known as the unique 3 step process and has helped over 14000 people cure their excessive body sweating.
The treatment cost me under $15 and I am sure it is better than surgeries or methods that don't work.

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