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How to Take Apart a Daiwa Saltiga 40 Reel

    • 1). Remove the two screws on the plastic thumb-handle. Pull the handle off, along with the washers. Move down the handle arm; find the two screws that hold the arm to the housing. Remove these screws with the flathead screwdriver. Pull the handle arm from the reel housing. Gently pull the washers from the bushings.

    • 2). Remove the two screws that separate the main plates of the housing. Once the flat screws are removed, use the Phillips screwdriver to take the remaining screw from the outer plate. Gently pull the two plates apart, exposing the spool and casting gears.

    • 3). Pull the aluminum spool from the housing plates. The spool is cast aluminum. Removing it exposes the spool's bushings.

    • 4). Pry out the bushings from the plates. Unscrew the thumb-cast button from the left-side plate.

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