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How to Import a TXF From Scottrade to TurboTax

    • 1). Open the Scottrade website, and log in to your account using your account number and password. Select "Home Page" from the "Start Page" dropdown menu. Click "Log In."

    • 2). Select "Gain/Loss & Tax Center" from the menu options.

    • 3). Select the "Tax Reports" tab, and scroll down to pick the year of the tax report you want to generate from the “Year” drop-down menu.

    • 4). Check “TXF Export” for “Download Type” and click “Go.”

    • 5). Click “Save” in the “File Download” box that opens. Enter a file name for the TXF data, and navigate to the desired location where you want to save your file. Click "Save."

    • 6). Open your TurboTax software.

    • 7). Open your TurboTax software.

    • 8). Select "File" from the main navigation menu and scroll down to "Import" and to the right to "Accounting Software."

    • 9). Select and highlight "Other Financial Software (TXF file)" from the list of options. Click "Continue."

    • 10

      Select the "Browse" button to navigate to the location of your saved Scottrade TXF file. Click "Continue."

    • 11

      Check the “Tax Information” box and click "Import Now."

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