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How to Adjust the Clutch Lever

    • 1). Pull back the rubber cover from the clutch lever, and loosen the larger lock nut by unscrewing it with your fingers.

    • 2). Screw the smaller "adjusting nut" outward to reduce free play and tighten the lever, or inward for the opposite effect. Use pliers if adjusting this with your fingers is too difficult.

    • 3). Keep depressing the clutch lever to keep track of how much adjustment is being made. Apart from adjusting the free play, it will also make the lever feel tighter, and so be careful not to reduce free play too much or you will be left with a very tight clutch.

    • 4). Tighten the locking nut once the correct clutch action is achieved by screwing it towards the lever. This can be done by hand, but you may want to finish with pliers.

    • 5). Replace the rubber cover on the lever, and check to see if you can change gears by keeping the clutch lever depressed and moving the gear pedal up and down.

    • 6). Make further adjustments as necessary until the lever action is as desired.

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