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Ohio National Life Company

Who are Ohio national?

The Ohio national life insurance company has been around for more than 100 years. The company started in 1909 and provides financial services in forty seven states. The company also has branches in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Chile. The company provides you with affordable and high quality portfolios such as annuities, retirement, stocks, and all sorts of financial products that can help you. The company guarantees top notch service to protect your finances and help you grow your wealth till your golden years.

The company had a streak of twenty-one years of continued sales growth in its individual life insurance sector. Ohio national life is also the 28th largest company in the individual life insurance sector, 17th biggest company that sells variable annuity products to its market, and it is also 21st in the field of career building organizations.

After hearing about the pedigree of Ohio national life you must be wondering the benefits you can get from a prestigious financial provider. These are some of the benefits you can get if you decide to choose Ohio national life insurance company as your financial provider:

1. You can get contracts that are non-captive.

2. You can gain access to underwriters immediately.

3. You have a chance to gain a share in the mortality profits.

4. You have a chance to not only increase but double your renewals.

5. You can avail of a 50% contribution to you and your loved ones medical premiums.

6. You get a 401 k plan.

7. You can enroll for the Profit Partnership Program.

8. You can get a group term insurance.

9. You can also remain independent but have the company pay your FICA.

10. You can get up to $4,000 as an initial investment to help your business get started.

11. You can get compensation, production bonus, renewals, fees for service, and an annual compensation package all in just the first year.

These are the benefits you can get by being a part of Ohio national life.

What sets Ohio national life from everyone else?

There are plenty of financial providers with the same pedigree or even better than Ohio national life insurance Company. As a person looking for the right company that suits your needs, you must be looking for something beyond what numbers and pedigrees. Here are the things that set Ohio national life from the glut of financial providers:

1. The company uses a team approach to develop its sales personnel and brokers to offer the best service for customers or employees.

2. The company uses its strengths to improve its sales force and employees.

3. The company provides a hands-on approach instead of classroom lectures. The company uses tried and tested sales systems that are competitive in the industry. But despite using a system the company adapts to changes in the financial industry.

4. The company believes in teaching people to make the right financial decisions so that they can be independent. If you become an employee of the company, you will be taught how to look for opportunities instead of being handed a prospect list.

5. The company selects individuals that are determined and focus on a career that they have control over. The company will teach a prospective employee to be independent and have the required skills to become successful in the company and in the financial industry.

These are the philosophies that the company follows to offer high quality service. The employees are trained well and are taught to become independent when they make their choices. The training that the company gives to its employees delivers results and trickles down to its service. The service provided by the company will be customized to the need of the customer.

Why pick Ohio national?

The company provides top class service for its customers. It provides high quality training to its employees and guarantees products that will help you alleviate your financial problems. The company has credentials and prestige like any other financial company. But they provide you with more than just numbers and certifications. The company is hands on and delivers the needs of each customer. Ohio National life insurance company prioritizes service above all else s you can be sure that the company backs up all its claims and helps each customer weather the financial storm they are in. The company will help you make the right financial decision to keep you from getting in a bind. Best of all, you can be sure that the company will provide you with the right financial products till you retire.

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