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Need a Lift?Breast Lifts with Augmentation Can Restore Breasts

"Over time, a woman's skin can lose its original elasticity," says Board certified Denver Colorado Plastic Surgeon Dr.
John Squires.
"This, combined with the effects of gravity or pregnancy, can have a drastically change the shape of a woman's breasts as she ages.
" The combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation eliminates the problems sagging or drooping breasts cause.
A breast lift and breast augmentation procedure allows women to feel better about their appearance because they no longer have to think about how their breasts no longer look as good as they once did.
A breast lift reshapes and repositions a woman's breast tissue so that the breasts are more firm, and do not droop.
Breast augmentation places a breast implant behind the breast tissue to restore or enhance the size and shape of a woman's breasts.
When combined, these procedures can transform a woman's breasts so that she no longer has to suffer from the sagging or drooping that causes self-consciousness or embarrassment.
A breast lift and breast augmentation can correct sagging or drooping, as well as increase size and firmness of a woman's breasts.
There are many benefits of having a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery, but many women find that the boost in self-confidence is the greatest benefit of all.
While a breast lift and breast augmentation procedure can improve a woman's body contour, it can also make a woman more confident with her appearance.
After the breast lift and breast augmentation procedure, a woman's breasts appear more youthful and vibrant.
With their restored or enhanced breasts, women can wear the clothes they want to, and feel more confident about the way they look.
The confidence a breast lift and breast augmentation surgery provides women is often used as a stepping stone to other parts of life.
Once a woman feels confident about her appearance, she can do many of the activities that she may have avoided due to her sagging breasts.

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