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How to Use Bass Bait

    • 1). Choose a topwater bait if you want to simply cast out and reel in. Popular in the angling community, these baits provide a great deal of excitement when a bass strikes. Although this bait is easy to use, many people use short casts and reel in too quickly. An important rule of thumb when using this bait is to go slowly.

    • 2). Use a baitfish replica if you want something that appears more real to the bass. Types of baitfish replicas include swimbaits, crankbaits, lipless baits and jerkbaits. Since a baitfish replica is an attempt to imitate a real fish, try to work the bait like one with irregular and erratic movements. Use plenty of patience.

    • 3). Choose a buzzbait if you are confident in your abilities. Although technically a member of the topwater family, the buzzbait makes a mark all its own with its frilly style. Allow the buzzbait to fall below the surface every two or three turns of the reel for best results as you reel in. This method can provoke more strikes. Remember to slow down on your retrieve once the fish has struck.

    • 4). Use a spinnerbait in an area where baitfish are moving. These colorful baits are popular and often catch the biggest bass. In order to lure a bass, make your spinnerbait appear more natural. One way to do this is to move your spinnerbait in the same direction that the baitfish are swimming.

    • 5). Choose a worm or jig-type bait to save money while still getting good results. These lures are the most popular bass baits but they require a steady hand. To get the most out of your worm or jig, work it slowly, jerking the worm or jig at different intervals. This method will help provoke a strike from the bass.

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