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Congratulations!! You've lost the weight you've been working so hard to lose.
Now, how do you keep it off? I'll share some of my own tips for helping to keep the weight off that you worked so hard to take off.
Stay accountable to yourself.
Weigh yourself either once or twice a week.
In order to maintain your weight you need to know how much you weigh.
If you do gain one pound or two, make the changes today that will aid you in taking off that one pound or two.
You know how to lose weight, you've done it before.
Lose that one pound before it turns into 5 or 10.
You know your weaknesses.
If keeping chips out of the house is what it takes, then continue to keep the chips out of the house.
If planning out meals so that you know what you'll be eating each day is helpful, then keep doing it.
If you've been journaling, then consider continuing to journal what you eat.
It is very easy to slip back into old patterns without even realizing what is happening.
If you journal what you are eating, then the words are right there in front of your eyes.
Continue to make exercise part of your everyday routine.
Consider changing what you do for exercise.
Play tennis, take a swim, take a walk, take an aerobics class, take a dance class, ride a bike.
Mix it up, but keep exercise in your daily routine.
Don't skip meals.
As you learned during the weight loss period, your body does better with 3-5 meals a day, versus just one meal a day.
Stay in the habit of eating at least 3 meals per day.
As you learned during weight loss, do not deprive yourself, instead take the necessary steps above to take off that one or two pounds and get back to the weight that is right for you.

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