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Adrenal glands are the glands that are situated above both the livers and are responsible for mental and physical stress, if you are experiencing a lot of emotional stress physical stress or mental instability, and then there are very high chances of you being a victim of adrenal fatigue. It isn't only responsible for stress related problems but is also deficiency of hormones, vitamins (vitamin B5, B6, B12), minerals and essential elements our body needs to function. You can get a blood test done to check the deficiencies and know whether it is the adrenal gland related problems. Fatigue and low energy levels also can be taken as the symptoms.
  • Just as it goes for hormones you should be looking for the optimum levels of these vitamins and minerals. It shouldn't be in excess either.

  • There is no specific scientific proof to support adrenal fatigue as a real medical condition, actually there are no facts or proofs that adrenal fatigue can be determined through blood test, where most of the symptoms are common and can relate to many different diseases.

  • Researchers believe that adrenal fatigue starts with stress that become more and more complicated and effect on the body, it becomes very hard for the body to handle. In extreme conditions it could cause life threatening medical condition called adrenal crisis.
  • On top of all that adrenal treatments are expensive since it isn't covered in insurance, and companies are unlikely to cover the costs. And so comes the much simpler solutions of Adrenal support supplements or substitutes, in addition to that there are numbers of different herbs, supplements and probiotics, these play a very important role in the treatment of adrenal fatigue.
  • There are natural substitutes as well as the synthetic ones, few of the all natural supplements include Astragalus root. Studies show Astragalus helps in providing an increase in endurance and energy, as well as boosting immune system,Cordyceps -This "anti-aging" medicine is not an herb, it's a fungus. And plenty of research has shown its ability to modulate the immune system, support energy levels and aid the body its natural ability which helps adapt stress, Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) -Studies indicate that it increases performance, endurance and concentration during fatigue, and others include "Ashwaghanda", "Rhodiolarosea", "Licorice root".

  • Other synthetically available supplements include Omega-3, "acetyl-l-carnitine", "coq10" and D-ribose are just a few to speak of there are various companies promising solution to adrenal support. With the help of all the supplements it's also advised to improve lifestyle by getting rid of smoking, alcohol and drugs which will definitely affect your easily lifestyle, start an exercise program to stay fit, timely well planned routine for sleep and eating well balanced meals will instantly make you feel better.

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