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Healthy Weight Loss - How To Choose A Good Alternative to Butter

While butter is natural and tastes really good to many of us, its fat content means that some people now want to use something different.
This might be instead of butter as a spread or when cooking.
There are so many types of these spreads that it is good to know how to choose what might suit you best.
When you wish to decrease the amount of saturated fat in your diet, then a good healthy vegetable oil product can be great to take the place of some or all of the butter you might otherwise consume.
In this decision making process, the list of ingredients on the pack is the place to start.
Firstly, try to find a spread with a fairly low overall fat content.
Search out the ones with less than 55 per cent fat.
This might be shown as less than 55 grams per 100 grams of product..
Next, check the saturated fat content; this should be less than 10 percent - again less than 10 grams per 100 grams of margarine.
You should also look for a spread which is low in trans-fat.
Now this does not legally have to be shown, but with the level of interest in these 'bad fats', many products do so.
It is best to select one with less than one half of one percent trans-fat, shown as 0.
5 grams or less per 100 grams.
It is also a good idea to use a product with higher levels of the 'good fats', called monounsaturated fat.
These higher levels can be found in spreads made from olive oil, rapeseed oil and groundnut oil.
Again, the list of ingredients is your friend.
Some of these spreads also contain things which can really help to lower the amount of cholesterol your body absorbs.
These are plant-based substances called stanols and sterols and have been scientifically tested and proven.
Using these modern spreads, as well as or instead of butter, can certainly help with a healthy weight control diet, They will definitely not help if you use the consumption of 'good' chemicals as an excuse to not follow other healthy eating ideas.
Keep your healthy weight loss diet on track by searching out tips and suggestions which will help.

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