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Kenmore Washer & Repair Advice


    • If your Kenmore washing machine won't turn on, verify that it's plugged into a live outlet. Test the outlet with another appliance to see if it's working properly. Only plug your washing machine into a three-prong outlet and do not use an extension cord or an adapter. Completely close the washing machine lid and choose a washing cycle. Press "Start." Check the home circuit breaker and reset if tripped. Look at the fuses and replace a fuse that is black or has broken wires. Remove the housing near the washer door frame and look for the switch. This component has two connectors on either end and the wires are held within plastic tube. Replace this component if burnt out or if the wires are broken.


    • Immediately stop your washing machine if you see leaks around the tub. Unplug the washing machine and check the connections. Tighten these connections if loose. Check the drain pipe. Only allow a maximum of 4 inches of the hose into the tub and cut off the excess. Examine the drainage hose to see if it's connected properly. It must connect to either the drainpipe or the laundry tub. Do not overload the tub as this can cause water to splash off of the load. Verify that the tub is in the center of the washing machine. Use a bubble level to see if the washer is level. If not, use wood shims to raise the lower end.

    Doesn't Spin

    • If your Kenmore washer won't spin, check that it has enough power. Plug directly into a wall outlet. Examine the lid switch and change if defective. Open up the washing machine and find the motor and belt. If the belt is broken or worn, replace it. The motor coupler is a plastic component attached to one side of the motor. If this component is broken, replace it. Your washing machine does not spin when the lid door is open. Remove obstructions keeping it from closing properly.


    • Check both the inlet and drainage hose if your washer won't fill or drain. Remove any clogs or lime buildup inside the hoses. Un-kink the hoses if bent or replace them if they won't straighten. If the tub won't fill, verify that the water inlet valve is in the "On" position. Check the water pressure by using a water pressure gauge. Only run the washer when the water pressure is above 30 psi. If the water inlet valve is broken, replace it.

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