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How To Tell If Your Ex Really Wants To Get Back Together

Breakups happen, but what do you do if you think your ex wants to get back together? Your ex shows you some interest, hints about going out or flirts with you. Now what? It is okay to be excited or hopeful that you may rekindle the relationship, but you better have a plan. Learn to look for the signs and make a plan to get back together with your ex.

These are some of the common signs that your ex may want to get back together, but be careful before you jump back into the frying pan. The best bet is to play the game by playing a "little hard to get." Be careful with this, and do not take it too far as you may lose your ex forever. We all "want what you cannot have" and so does your ex. It is human nature and adds to the chase, the intrigue and the mystery.

In any relationship, no matter who breaks up with who there is always a feeling of missing one another. If the relationship has lasted a year or more this can be especially true. Your ex will miss you, the relationship and the things that you two did together from time to time. If you are thinking "does my ex want to get back together," the odds are your ex may be thinking, "do you want to get back together?" The answer to this question usually centers around past emotions or regrets. Your ex may be thinking that you would not be willing to get back together and is afraid to ask to "save face."

Unfortunately, your ex may be acting like they want to get back together but are only playing games with your emotions. Your ex may be showing you interest only to do it for attention and may not intend to actually get back together at all. Your ex may even go out with you just to pass time until the next prospect comes along.

If your ex is the vindictive type, they may be showing you interest just to get back at you and then "pull the rug from beneath you." This is the reason you should take your time and assess the situation fully before you open yourself up to humiliation. The old adage "look before you leap" holds true here.

So stay cool, play a little hard to get and take it slow if your ex shows signs of wanting to go back together. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

These are the first steps to know if your ex really wants to get back together. The next steps can help you to formulate your plan to make sure.

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