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Great Gifts for a Teen Girl

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      Shopping for a teenage girl can seem like a daunting task. Most teens have fleeting interests and particular tastes, so you might be unsure whether you can choose something she would like. But there are lots of items that most teen girls would love to have. Just keep in mind her personality, hobbies and things she likes to do when you choose her gift.

    Jewelry Box

    • Teenage girls like to stay up-to-date on the trends, which means that while they might not have too many pieces of fine jewelry, they end up with lots of trendy costume jewelry. Help her neaten her dresser by giving her a new jewelry box she can use to store it all. Choose a small jewelry box that she can stick in her bag when she goes on a trip and easily have all of her jewelry with her. Alternatively, give her a larger jewelry box with lots of compartments so that she can keep her bracelets, necklaces and earrings separate.

    Scrapbooking Supplies

    • Many teenage girls have their own digital camera or a phone that they use to take lots of pictures of themselves and their friends. Give her a gift basket filled with scrapbooking supplies so that she can use the pictures and record her memories. Include a scrapbook, along with extra pages, markers, stickers, construction paper, scissors and a glue stick.


    • It's no secret that some teenage girls love putting on makeup and trying out new makeup trends. So give her a few items that she can use to look her best. Avoid giving her foundation or powder as you might not purchase the right shade. Instead, choose eyeshadow shades that you think would be flattering with her eye color, a tube of mascara and a couple tubes of lipstick or lip gloss. A selection of nice makeup brushes is also a good idea if you want to give her a makeup gift but aren't sure which shades she would like.

    Gift Certificate

    • When you are shopping for a teenage girl who enjoys shopping, give a gift card. Choose a gift card to a clothing store that you know she loves. Many malls even sell gift cards that she could use at any store or restaurant in the mall. You could also give a gift certificate to her favorite local restaurant, to the movies or to a spa where she could get her hair cut or a pedicure.

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