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Farm Tractors For Sale

Looking for a Tractor whether it's for a small holding or larger scale buying second hand is a very viable option when you compare the prices.

Here are a few tips when looking for Farm Tractors For Sale.

Tractor Type
Make sure you know what type of tractor you need before you start looking. This way, you won't waste time looking at tractors with features or options that you don't want or need.Remember that an old tractor will do most of what a new tractor will do but new ones are usually more comfortable and lighter to use.
The age of a tractor is important. Buy a tractor that is too old and you could have a problem finding parts for it if it should break down or need repair. Buy a tractor that is too new and you may not get much value for your pound when compared to an old purchase.
There are several things you need to check on a tractor that you're considering purchasing. First, check for damage, including damage from water, fire or from an accident. Is there a lot of rust? Check all the cables, tyres remember they are quite expensive to replace, seals, battery, lights, pedals, steering, o-rings, swivel pin and hitches. Check the oil by taking out the dipstick. If the oil has a burned smell to it or has a gray look or bubbles, this is an indication of engine problems or poor maintenance. Also check gearbox and hydraulic oil,if it is creamy white it usually means water ingress. Inspect the engine most carefully. When you start the engine, there should be some black smoke that should clear up. Anything else is an indicator of engine problems. Check that oil doesn't come out of the engine's ventilation pipe. General wear and tear on a used tractor is normal, but look for signs that the tractor has been used too much for it's age. But remember what you need it for rust on body panels doesn't mean that it's a bad tractor mechanically.
Best Places to Look
From Auctions to eBay to your local newspaper, what are the best places to look for a tractor? One advantage of buying on eBay, is that you can check out the seller and view how previous transactions went. This is a luxury you won't find with any other method of selling. However, buying a tractor on eBay can also be problematic, since your local selection may be limited, and if you don't buy from a local seller you'll incur costs in getting it home, which takes away much of the advantage of buying on eBay. Auctions are also an option, where you'll find a decent local selection and often bargain prices. Lastly, your local newspaper or classified ads are also a solid, traditional choice. Price
Look online for farm tractors for saleto give you an idea of tractor prices before you head out, so you have an idea of what to offer a seller.

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