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Approaching Local Businesses to Sponsor Your Fundraiser!

Approaching people you don't know can be daunting.
Contacting local businesses to assist in your fundraising efforts may seem like a scary proposition - or like making a cold call.
There are a few things to remember when you are considering inviting local businesses to be a part of your fundraising efforts.
It's good for the business too! It's easy to forget that businesses are always looking for new customers and that YOU have access to all of these contacts that they don't have.
When businesses spend money on advertising, they aren't necessarily sure how their image will be perceived.
They want to get their name or product into the hands of new customers and you are offering them a great opportunity to do just that.
You are offering something of value when you ask a business to donate something or give a discount for your fundraiser.
The business gets affordable advertising and a philanthropic image as a business that contributes to and supports the local church, team, school or cheerleading squad.
In addition to helping you, they are helping their business.
They get positive placement in the hands of active members of the community.
Be prepared When going to meet with local business people, be prepared.
Know what you would like to ask them; their time is valuable.
Have some literature or access to answers to any questions they might have.
Show them what you will give them in exchange for what they will give you.
Ask directly for what you would like them to give or guide them with suggestions so that they can offer something that is valuable to both them and your group.
Follow-Up So often we forget to thank people who help us.
It's always a good idea to follow-up with your contact and sponsor at a local business.
Let them know how much their contribution helped.
Ask them if they saw any results or new business from your efforts.
Find out if they would be willing to support you again in the future.
Most of all, send a thank-you note and if you have any flyers or coupons or items that the business name or offering is noted on - send them a copy! These are just a few tips to help you get started in working with local businesses to dramatically increase profits in your fundraising efforts.
Stay tuned for more great ideas when working with local business sponsors.

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