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2012 and kali yuga

One of my visitor while watching a discussion with group of people about Planets/astrlogy the year 2012 and Kali YUG, they raised valid question as to what actually Kali yug means?. Our life span is maximum of 100 years and therefore understanding a YUG is not a easy subject. Because the life span of  Kali Yug is of the order 4,50,000 years.  It is also reported that we have passed through only 5000 plus years and have to face the balance years. 

There is no tangible evidence about the YUG and its span of life. But it is only from the history and followed/heard through generations. I am not getting into the same, but what I found out was the nature of KALI YUG and how people behave or live during this YUG was worth reading.

Initially about 30 years ago, while reading about Kali Yug nature, I was not believing what are all said about it, but  today I recalled and studied the same again. I found it to be perfect and precisely said.

Now i will give below natural behaviour of kali Yug:

1.   People will worship only Money and not real ALMIGHTY. Those who prays Almighty will not be perfect in their worship.

2.  In the name of GOD, people will get cheated and only Bogus people will be shining in the spiritual field.

3. Every minute will be spent chasing for material benefits and more precisely money chasing:

4. None of the people will talk the truth and it will be a routine affair to bluff and for nothing people will bluff:

5. Corruption and looting will be prospering like anything and those can not be controlled. People indulging in such things will be always talking about the same to control it. On the other hand they will continue to do so and shine in life.

6. It will be difficult to control killings by people and it will be difficult for police too to understand as to why people indulge in such activities.

7. Those who are really honest will face severe problems in life and possibility to get killed also by anti social people.

8. The only aim of people in power and other people shall be only to amass wealth what ever may the way to achive it. Honesty will be the great casualty.

9. The most dangerous aspect is that everyone will be always in hurry /angry/egoistic and jealous of others.

10. Love and affection will be hard to find out and everything will have direct relation to money only.

11. Everyone will always be thinking of cheating others to achive their goals.

12. Education will become topclass business. Those educated also will be ruthless and will look for money only.

13. Normal life will be hard to look anywhere and everywhere it will be atrocities only.

14. Prayers to GOD sincerely ( not spending money), will be answered positively.

15. There will be mass destructions by natural calamity. 

WE can see that only point no. 14 is the positive aspect of Kali Yug.  

I was amazed when I verified with the present day world that most of the above told about the Kali yug are true. The sad part of Kali YUg is that even if a person is sincere in his prayers to GOD and leads a simple life, this yug will only help people indulging in  most dishonest things only.

We can see around the world that people indulging in large scale frauds ( whether legally permitted or not) are the rulers and again and again they retain powers, by manipulating the electoral process. 

Another Sad part of Kali nature is, it will help the person who is arrogant/dishonest and not otherwise. This means that honestness/sincerity will have no place to live.

Everyone can see for themselves that all the above nature of Kali Yug are true today. 

Now much is said about 2012 and the planetary combinations as explained in my previous articles, Mayan's seem to have predicted well in advance. Mayan's say that atrocities will be of very high order and there will be no honesty, when total destruction will take place. 

Though I do not believe in total destructions, the planetary combinations in 2012/2013 indicates destructions of large scale. To amplify something like Asian super tsunamy, Japan Tsunamy, katrina hurricane and many earthquakes, will be severe during this period.

It is always that simple and sincere prayers to GOD will safeguard us.  

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