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How to Make Scrolling Credits in Adobe Premiere

    • 1). Launch Adobe Premiere and open the project to which you want to add the scrolling credits. Open the "Title" menu and click "Default Roll." Type "Credits" into the "Name" box and press "Enter."

    • 2). Select a title style from the "Title Styles" list at the bottom of the window that opens. Click inside the black rectangle and type in the text for the credits. To start a new line of text, press "Enter." Use the "Color," "Font Style" and "Font Size" controls in the right-hand column to adjust the credits' appearance as desired.

    • 3). Close the title window. Press "Shift" and "1" simultaneously to open the Projects pane.

    • 4). Drag and drop the "Credits" title you created from the Projects pane onto an empty video track in the timeline. If you have no empty video tracks in the project, right-click the timeline, click "Add Tracks" and press "Enter." Drag and drop the "Credits" title clip so that the left-hand edge aligns with the point in the video at which you want the credits to start playing.

    • 5). Click and drag the right-hand edge of the "Credits" title clip to the right. The farther to the right you move the edge of the clip, the more slowly the credits will scroll.

    • 6). Click "Play" to watch the credits play. Adjust the speed of the credits by lengthening or shortening the clip.

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