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Quit Smoking - Stay Quit (Part 2)

When you get to quit smoking stay quit please.
Some resolve to smoking in order to relieve stress and tension while others go into smoking for want of something to do, explore new frontiers, exercise freedom and independence from parental over protectiveness, pick up a hobby or past time, etc.
A word which can fitly be spoken here is that smoking under any guise irrespective of the cause and effect behind it is hazardous and totally dangerous to human health and well-being as a whole.
To quit smoking and really stay quit, smokers need to do the following: 1.
Re-school/ Re-orientate the mind- You must make every conscious effort to fill and saturate your mind with/ think about getting your life back and straightened out.
You can not dwell on nor continue to replay and relive moments engaged in a life of smoking and addiction.
Substitute or change your circle of friends (if they are the smoking type)- Hanging out or freely mixing and mingling with them without any reserve will soon get you back in the rut of smoking and nicotine addiction as easy and fast as a greased ice rink.
Associate with people that will encourage you in your quest to quit smoking and stay quit for good.
Remove and clean out any memorabilia of your smoking and addiction days- You must make it an obligation to yourself to evacuate items such as cigarette lighter(s), matches, ashtray(s), cigarette packs, stubs of burnt/ smoked cigarettes, etc.
Keeping/Having such around or coming in contact with any of these will certainly make you relive the season you were engaged in the habit of smoking and thus create a desire to at least get a smoke or puff.
This will greatly undermine your resolve to quit smoking and really stay quit.

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