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Cockatiel Biting - How to Stop It

Biting is very common problem among cockatiel owners.
But that doesn't heal those nasty bites on your finger, right? The fact is that if your cockatiel starts biting it not only causes harm to you and your family, but eventually this can lead to completely avoiding the cockatiel and it will have to spend the rest of its life inside of the cage.
Not the brightest picture, right? But everything can be changed if you are willing to invest some time and patience.
But first of all let us find out why do cockatiels bite in the first place? The answer to this is that most common reason for this nasty biting is because your cockatiel feels lonely.
Maybe you've been leaving it alone for quite a while now and that's how it retaliates.
Cockatiels are amazing birds and every time I hear about some problem people have with their cockatiels, I'm amazed at how human-like they are.
Remember one thing - your cockatiel loves companionship and when you leave it alone, it starts to think that you've withdrawn it from your family.
So how this problem can be solved? Well, looking at the paragraph above it pretty obvious that spending some more time with your cockatiel should help.
So start off by introducing it with all family members, your friends and anyone that visits your home for that matter.
That way your cockatiel will once again start to feel as a part of a group.
Also, when you introduce your cockatiel to other people it starts to realize that these people are not a threat and it's safe.
Putting some toys inside the cage might also help.
And if anything else fails, try to gently blow a stream of air to your cockatiel's face every time it bites you.
This will show that you don't tolerate such behavior and it's not OK to bite.

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