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One Hour Dental Implants VS Traditional Dental Implants

There are quite a few differences between one hour dental implants and the original versions of these items.
The only way you can know for sure if you are a candidate for the one hour dental implants is to ask your dentist and have the necessary X-rays and CT scans to allow them to evaluate your jawbone and what they have to work with.
One Hour Dental Implants • You will be placed under a light anesthetic and given a light pain medication like Ibuprofren before the dentist begins their work.
• The dentist will need to drill a 2.
25mm hole through your gum and into the jawbone • They will insert 4mm titanium post that will remind you of a screw into your jawbone • This entire process will last approximately twenty to twenty five minutes • The dentist will load a temporary tooth onto the titanium post.
In some instances the permanent prosthetic device can be loaded onto the post at this time.
The loading of the prosthetic will take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.
• The dentist will instruct you that your titanium post is very secure, but to be on the safe side they recommend that for at least thirty days you abstain from eating foods like raw carrots, apples, corn on the cob, or extremely chewy foods.
This will give your bone sufficient time to attach to the titanium post.
• If the area above the tooth does not have an adequate amount of bone it is possible for these implants to be put in at an angle, allowing the patient to get the implant without having to undergo a bone graft Traditional Dental Implants • After you make the decision to get the implantation you will schedule your first surgery.
• During the first surgery the surgeon will slice your gums open to expose the jawbone.
• They will drill a 6mm or 7mm hole in the jawbone and set the 4mm titanium post in these drilled holes.
• You will wait for a period of two to six months to allow your bone to grow around the posts.
• The second surgery will be performed to expose the tip of the post that the prosthetic tooth attaches to.
• The implants must be inserted vertically, and this at times requires the patient to have to have a bone graft.
When a bone graft is needed there will be an additional surgery and you will have an additional two to eight months of healing time before you can finish the installation of the implant.
Both types of implantation require that the person have CT scans and x-rays done so that the dentist can see what they are working with.
They have to be able to determine the exact position of your sinuses, and of other important things, before they can just begin to drill holes for the titanium posts.
Both operations leave the patient with a more confident outlook concerning their mouth, but the one hour surgery may be priced slightly higher than the traditional version is.

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