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The medical cost is not a good at Tc level: okay so be taking glucose you want in time laboratory um yeah it makes no sense to take at stake enzymes or China long beaded what you know intone would be fine on I would caution you that some foursome folks will close to me can upset your stomach after some folks at taking the enzymes can also upset your stomach so I would recommend taking on glucose and say we're friends about the same time I was spaced are on people but otherwise yeah absolutely absolutely %uh layer one on top of another so it won't be a safety issue those on too many these Iraq with prescription medications um as far as we know that these products in wracked with any the personal communication talk as far as we know now nothing not I and me in a you know what i said imp such confidence apparently let's go back to what we're talking about okay enzymes okay we're talking about Bromine unplayable okay procurement we're talking about spice that's normally present curry alright so you
know that by to send a science um you know those were great seats on you know what we're not talking about prescription drugs that that too in Iraq so on no again I'm not going to say that you know your it's a 100 percent guarantee that you not to have a problem why not what I can say is you know as a pharmacist in responsible scientists at its highly highly unlikely on that you don't want your problem if you're not comfortable talk about what the doctor all consume here she says ion the Long Beach area I yeah we carry that snow yeah I did just go do with some help to calm %ah the search box in the upper right-hand corner and that's just punching want me to on actual responses loll G all-star sure what that warms more information about so there all be clean
I C and it's just a bit to use a June coupon you get with our Personal are long yeah lobbied oh yes is capsules the SAT twice a day so that's a yes that's a one-month supply on yeah we do have a discount Sal am for some a bomb yes I was brought in by two balls three bottles on Yahoo to get various discounts I remember what they're on top of my head on it long enough to get this you buy a second ball Ya hiya ayahs just put into shot by three shopping cart to see how comes out on if you don't get any sort and discount arm just send us an email all and will help you um no well Velve skin knows has good question yet know the office will be closed tomorrow Friday its unit so I yet if you have if want to call us on 848 1887 yeah absolutely on if nobody picks up on leaving what message home we have a very short staff here I'll this month because summer vacations all use either myself or in or something back to you I'll all see all yes that is my picture that is what it island it's what I look like yes that's me yes absolute yeah on.

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