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Stay connected with Micromax Funbook Pro

Well, tablets are making waves in the markets and today many brands are manufacturing affordable tablets to boost their sales. Although they are cheap and affordable, they offer set of irresistible features and specifications that will certainly live up to your expectations. Micromax Funbook Pro is one such tablet model rolled out by Micromax mobiles, which is now giving tough times for Samsung and other tablet brands. The company already created a sensation in the market with its most affordable 7 inches tablet that comes for just Rs. 6,499/- in the market. However, the pro model is a 10 inch tablet that comes under Rs. 10,000/-. this 10 inch tablet comes with set of impressive features and specifications such as Android v4.0 ice cream sandwich operating system 1.2GHz A10 Cortex A8 processor, Dual Mali-400 graphic system and more. It is a Wi-Fi enabled tablet that helps users to browse internet when 3G network is not available.

When Micromax Funbook Pro price and features are compared with other tablets, it is far superior to other tablets in its price range. As it is manufactured and marketed in India, the cost of this table will be less compared to other brands that are imported. However, there are set of drawbacks associated with this low priced tablet. Although, its screen resolution is big, its poor color density plays a spoil sport while viewing favorite videos and playing games. Its screen resolution is 1024x600 pixels but the color density is very poor. Its primary camera is very poor as it comes with a VGA camera that captures images in a poor picture resolution. Thus, users may not get satisfaction with its picture quality but the rest of the features are impressive. There is no GSM network support for this phone that seems to be the main disadvantage. This is the reason why people need to think twice before affording money on this device.

There are only few Micromax Funbook Pro features and specifications that satisfy your requirements in a tablet such as 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen in a 1024x600 pixel resolution. Its 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM will enhance the browsing speed and allows you to play videos and games without any interruption. It plays all important media files such as MP3, MP4, MKV, and many other file formats to provide you with crystal clear video and audio experience. When it comes to Micromax Funbook Pro pictures, it seems like a slim and sleek from side and it resembles like an apple IPad from rear view. On the whole it is useful for edutainment but the lack of GSM support; poor camera quality and poor color density are disadvantages for the phone. These are the features and specification about Micromax Funbook Pro. Although, its price is below Rs. 10,000/- it may not impress some community people who look for color density, GSM features and few others. Thus, make a rightful decision by looking at your requirements in this tablet and purchase it else you might feel disappointed.

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