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6 More Travelling Tips

Travelling is great fun, but it can be stressful, especially if you have to make lots of connections.
I have put six of my favourite travelling tips below.
Time For A Change: some people find that the best way to reduce jet lag is to change the time on your watch to suit your destination time while you are still seated on the plane flying there.
Then you have to live the rest of your time by the destination time, which means that you should eat and sleep by that time.
It will help you get into the swing of things a lot more easily.
Cleaning Up Your Act: if the person sitting next to you on the plane spills some of his or her dinner over you and you are in your best outfit in order to make a good impression on arrival, you do not have to panic.
Just ask the flight attendant for a few bottles of soda water and soak the stain out with a cloth.
You should be clean and dry by the time you arrive.
at your destination.
Lost Or Stolen Passports: it can be a real nightmare being without a passport when you are abroad, because it is a statutory requirement to carry ID at all times in most countries and a driving licence is not usually enough.
However, the local embassy or consul can issue you a new one within twenty-four hours, provided that you have the correct details to give him.
The minimum you should have when you go for a replacement is your old passport number and a copy of your birth certificate, but it is even better if you have a photocopy of your passport as well.
Up A Class: there is no doubt that track suits are easily the most comfortable clothes for travelling in, but if you think that there is a chance you could possibly be upgraded due to an over-booking or something, do not wear one.
Wear something smart and neat, because airlines will practically never upgrade anyone wearing shorts, T-shirts or jeans and the like.
All Steamed Up: not all hotels in all countries provide an iron.
If you find yourself in such a place and you need to get creases out of your favourite clothes, you can steam the creases out.
Hang the clothes up in the bathroom or shower and run the hot water for five minutes.
Turn the tap off but leave the clothes hanging there for another five minutes and the creases should be gone.
No Ice Please: if you are travelling in a country where it is not safe to drink the water, it is better if you do not take ice in your drink unless you have made it yourself from bottled water.
This is because freezing does not kill germs it just preserves them ready to spring back to life when they warm up again.
You can not rely on the alcohol in a drink to kill them either.

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