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NorthPole Tent Instructions

    • 1). Examine the components of your NorthPole tent prior to your outdoor excursion. Identify the fabric body of the tent as well as the fiberglass poles and rain fly. Place these items onto a level surface that has been cleared of debris. Remove the 7-inch steel stakes from the storage bag and place them onto the ground for later use.

    • 2). Unroll the fabric body of your NorthPole tent. Fasten the sections of your tent poles together. Locate the various pole sleeves found on the top of your tent. Place one of the poles through a set of the pole sleeves. Insert the second tent pole through the remaining set of pole sleeves. Make sure the poles of your tent have been crossed.

    • 3). Insert the pole ends into the rings found along the bottom of your NorthPole tent. Unroll the fabric body of the tent fly. Identify the pole of the rain fly and fasten the pieces together. Place the pole through the pole sleeves located on the top of the rain fly. Lower the rain fly to drape over your NorthPole tent.

    • 4). Identify the metallic grommets located around the door of your NorthPole tent. Fasten the S-hooks of the rain fly onto the metal grommets to ensure it remains in place. Locate the large rings found on each corner of the tent. Place one of the 7-inch steel stakes through the corner ring.

    • 5). Locate a large rock near the trail or campsite. Hammer the steel stake into the ground using the rock. Place the remaining 7-inch stakes through each of the rings and hammer them into the ground. Identify the fabric doormat that extends from the bottom of your tent door. Stretch out the fabric and hammer one stake through each of the metallic doormat rings.

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