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Christian Purpose of Life - A Spiritual Journey

Just because you have a relationship with God doesn't mean your Christian purpose of life is all figured out.
If only it were that easy.
Even for people that have grown up with God in their life, they can be well into adulthood before they really feel where they fit in, and then may be reassessing that as years go on, finding new perspectives and places to focus their activities.
Your purpose of life is directly related to your spiritual side.
By connecting with and nurturing your spiritual self, you will be better able to identify your unique talents and interests that will be part of a purpose driven life.
God has created everyone with special spiritual gifts that are to be used to better the world and all his people - in big ways and little ways.
God has placed within you desires and dreams to fulfill His purpose for your life.
It is your spiritual path to follow those life desires in humble and faithful ways.
As is told in Deuteronomy 8:3 - God humbled you, causing you to hunger with hopes and dreams to teach you that you don't live on bread alone but on the advise and counsel from the Lord.
Just a bit after in verses 7-9, it is described how God has brought us to a good land with streams, valleys and hills, land with wheat and barley and many other provisions and beauty.
The great outdoors brings us food, water, activities and awe-inspiring sights.
Nature is an unending source of spiritual growth that constantly provides us gifts in many different ways.
Connecting with nature is one way to connect with your spiritual side that will nourish your soul, empower you to achieve your Christian purpose of life and help you to see God's will for you.

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