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How to Stop Premature Ejaculations - 3 Hardcore Techniques Guaranteed to Work Now!

Do you feel shame and embarrassment when you look her in the eye after another premature ejaculation? Are you ready to find ways to get over your PE problem so that you can finally please her the way she deserves? If you can answer yes to either of those questions, you have found yourself in the right place at the right time.
You see, I too was plagued by premature ejaculation from the time I lost my virginity.
But I discovered some secrets that I can't keep in the bag any longer.
Now you need to pay real close attention to every word in this article as what I'm about to share with you will change your life for the better.
What I'm about to share with you are the natural ways I used to stop my premature ejaculations permanently and I know for a fact that if you use them, you'll get the same fantastic results that I did.
Here's how I went from being a one minute man to the best lover my partners have ever had: 1) Understand your level of arousal: Most guys screw themselves up when it comes to sex during their rabid hormonal teen years.
The fear of getting caught leads many guys to masturbate and ejaculate quickly.
This hard-wires your brain into thinking that sex is meant to be quick so your body reacts that way.
There are four distinct stages of an erection: filling, swelling, rigid, and full.
It's when you get to the full point that ejaculation is about to occur.
You can re-train yourself by experimenting with lengthening your self-love sessions and paying close attention to how your penis moves through each of the stages.
Practice prolonging your ejaculation time during every session.
And make sure that you recognize your breathing.
Slow and deep breaths will allow you to exert more control over the ejaculatory process.
2) Apply perineum pressure: The perineum is the spot directly between your scrotum and anus, often referred to as the "taint".
This is directly above the prostate gland which is responsible for releasing semen during orgasm.
Have your partner use her hand to apply a firm amount of pressure in that spot and slow your thrusting or even stop thrusting altogether for a couple of moments to collect yourself and calm a bit.
Repeating this process at the point you feel climax beginning will enable you to significantly prolong the inevitable orgasm.
3) The testes tug: As you near orgasm, your testicles will start to contract significantly.
Simply pulling them in a downward motion will delay the ejaculation process.
Just make sure that if you are asking your partner to do so that she understands where to grab and how much force to use when giving the tug.
Simply being on the same page will prevent any potential injuries.

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