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Manufacturing Excellence - Inspire, Lead, and Succeed With CURIOSITY!

"Sometimes questions are more important than answers.
" - Nancy Willard Do you think the manufacturing world will continue to be viewed as a necessary evil? Shouldn't this industry again be viewed as the key building block for a vibrant economy? How can we get there? Have you ever noticed how curious little kids are? They ask one question after another and sometimes we don't have an answer.
A little embarrassed we mumble, "well, that's the way it is".
Kids have no fear of the unknown.
When they learn to walk, they try, they fall, and they try again..
because failure is not an option and they are curious to see the world from a different perspective.
It has been said that it is better to be interested instead of interesting.
Isn't this statement so true? I cannot help but wonder..
When did we stop being curious? When did we stop asking if there is another way? Instead of asking "why", let's ask "why not"! Isn't it true that so many times when we ask a question we already have the answer..
Why do we ask if we don't want to get a different perspective? How many of us really know how to ask the right questions? How many of us use the pull instead of the push approach? How many of us shut people down by saying "no, but, or however"? We live in a world of constant change.
The business environment is different and although it can be frightening, it's also exciting.
I think it is time to open our minds to new things and embrace curiosity.
Our brain is like a map and sometimes it is essential to build new roads..
When you manage to do that then you have discovered a new way of thinking! Isn't this what we need in times of change?

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