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What does the word "training" mean to you? For me Learning, Working, and Conforming come to mind. The network marketing business has really began to boom over the past few years. Many will enter, few will win. Of those many that fail in MLM, I'd be willing to bet my two eyeballs that it has a lot to do with the training they received when they began their journey to freedom. Look, the journey to financial freedom is tough enough. The least we could have going for us is decent training. I will briefly cover Learning, Working, and Conforming as they relate to network marketing.

Learning is huge. We begin learning at birth and continue learning (hopefully) through adulthood. One should never turn away an opportunity to learn something. I highly suggest you to go to your library and check out books or CD's on self development. Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, and Jim Rohn are just barely scratching the surface. Read, read, read (or listen)! They all contain valuable insight that will gradually put you in a completely new mindset that will bring you the winning ticket in your MLM Company. Only village idiots turn off their learning channel.

Most people are afraid of work. In my opinion, those that don't work will never succeed in life. Many people get into network marketing "fantasy land", meaning they see the glory the MLM Company can bring them so they sign up, sit back, and wait. Nothing happens. Many quit, or rather never get started in their home business. A few may throw out some feeble attempts at marketing which usually includes spam (another lazy trait). People, if you want the fruit you must plant the tree! So get out there and work for your reward as though your life depends on it.

Ahhh… conforming. That's a nasty word. Well let me enlighten it for you. When I say conforming, I'm talking about surrounding yourself with life-minded individuals. You are who you hang out with; it's a known fact. Find group meetings in your area that are affiliated with your MLM Company. Get on the conference calls and listen to the excitement of those that are succeeding in network-marketing. If your company holds a big yearly convention, I highly suggest you attend (meaning your financial future depends on it!). Sell one of your kids to afford to go. Then when you get home you'll be on fire with knowledge and ambition! You'll prosper! Woohoo! Oh… then you can buy your kid back.

Anyone can succeed with a home business if they have the right training and internal horsepower. Believe me, I know. When I first ventured into network marketing, I didn't know squat nor did I have a mentor to teach me. I've been there, done that, bought the books, and am now writing about it. Resources! There's 1000's! Take advantage of them, please! One other thing, when you succeed, don't stop the training. No one knows everything, not even Mom.

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