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Partisan Politics and the United States Supreme Court

America is truly a blessed country.
When one is to consider the long unbroken history of its democracy and judicial system.
This in itself is a hallmark for any civilized society.
The instrument which is keeping everything intact in the Judicial System of the United States is the Constitution.
The Supreme Court with its nine Justices usually interprets the law and based our their expert legal opinions; laws are either over turned, upheld or granted.
There is but one single gray area that usually haunts this fine Legal Institution and that is the area of politics.
Interpreting the constitution mainly based on legal opinion is basically one area that most Justices on the Bench are faced with.
However, when there is a political component or personal bias then the decision is not truly fair or honest.
Legal opinions are sometimes tainted with personal experiences and each Justice on the Bench knows this, therefore, their decision/s and their vote usually trigger a chain reaction in some quarters.
The supreme Court of the United States was established in 1789 fully authorized by the U.
S Constitution.
The document provide the primary framework for the molding and shaping of laws in the United States.
In most recent years, politics have crept into the halls of the Supreme Court like a raging monster.
At times, it can be a subtle descant or blatant legal opinions.
America is at a crossroad, like any other country she is faced with social, political and religious influences that can infringe on the democratic fabric that is inscribed on the Constitution.
Partisan politics in the US Supreme Court can shift this country into various directions which can destabilized the very foundation of its founding judicial principles.
Legal opinions that is too extreme (right or left) can be considered partisan.
Because the Justices see first their political agendas without first consulting the Constitution.
When personal preferences (political, social or religious) are etched into the heart of an individual it is sometimes difficult to change their course of action.
Justices on the Bench need to keep reminding themselves that their primary focus is Fidelity to the law; hold such tenants faithfully and keep their legal promise to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

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