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Computer Problems with the Magic Jack


    • The Magic Jack functions as a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone by connecting a computer and phone. When placing a call, users have the option of dialing the number either on their telephone's keypad or the soft keypad that the Magic Jack software provides.


    • Since Magic Jack relies on the user's computer, turning off the computer or letting it go into hibernate or stand-by mode disables the Magic Jack phone service. If the computer's screen saver kicks in during a Magic Jack call, the call is often interrupted.


    • Many Magic Jack users have reported some common computer problems with the device, including that it doesn't always work with Windows 7. Attempting to use the Magic Jack service through a remote desktop connection can disable the computer's sound card, making it impossible to hear during a phone call. Many users of Magic Jack have reported that they have problems connecting Magic Jack to computers via USB ports. The Magic Jack cannot always be plugged into a USB port that does not have AC power.

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