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How to Get a Passport Fast in California

Getting a passport application processed usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.
It can take longer if the applicant submits unacceptable documents or commits errors on the application form.
There are ways to get a passport faster.
In fact, American citizens can obtain passports as quickly as the same day in certain situations.
This article will examine how to get a U.
passport fast in the state of California.
California Passport Application Acceptance Facilities There are nearly 800 passport application acceptance facilities located in California where citizens of the United States can submit application form DS-11 and supporting documents in order to obtain a new passport.
While routine service takes 4 to 6 weeks, applicants can request expedited service at these locations in order to reduce the processing time to only 2 to 3 weeks.
The majority of acceptance facilities are located in post offices.
Others can be found in public libraries or county clerk's offices.
Operating hours can vary and an appointment is often required.
Therefore, applicants should contact the facility before making a visit.
Expedited service can be requested at one of these facilities by adding the $60 fee to the payment and including evidence of travel such as a copy of an itinerary.
It is also recommended that the applicant write the word "expedite" on the outside of the envelope.
Regional Passport Agencies in California There are a total of 25 regional passport agencies in the United States, 3 of which are in the state of California.
They are located in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.
Regional agencies process applications for individuals who must travel within 2 weeks or within 4 weeks if the person must also obtain an entry visa.
It is possible to get same day passports at these locations although regional agencies process a limited number each day.
An appointment is required and can be made by calling the toll-free number 1-877-487-2778.
Depending on the time of year, it may be difficult to get through and even more difficult to schedule an appointment, especially if your departure date is in a few days or less.
The same documents needed to apply for expedited passport service at an application acceptance facility are required when applying at a regional agency.
Applicants should arrive early enough to pass through the security check and arrive at the agency on time.
Late arrivals could result in cancellation of the appointment.
Qualified Passport Expediters American citizens who need to get passports in under 2 weeks but are unable to personally visit a regional agency can utilize the services of passport expediters that are registered with the regional agencies.
Instead of mailing your application and supporting documents directly from an acceptance facility or personally delivering them to a regional agency, you will send them to the expediting service.
Most expediters are located in the same cities as the regional agencies.
With 3 agencies in California, there are several expediting services.
You can find them by searching online.
It is recommended that applicants evaluate possible services by checking with the Better Business Bureau and reading reviews on customer reiew websites.
If you are applying for new passport using form DS-11, it will be necessary to visit a nearby application acceptance facility first so that an official passport agent can adjudicate the application.
Then, you need to send the sealed envelope to the expediter along with a signed authorization letter so that the expediter can represent you at the regional agency.
Fees for expedited passport services vary depending on how quickly you need to have the application processed.
Unless you are willing to reschedule your trip or, even, cancel it, this may be your only alternative if you need to get a passport fast in California but cannot get to one of the regional agencies yourself.

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