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Professional Driving Schools

    Bobby Ore Motorsports

    • Bobby Ore Motorsports is a professional driving school that caters to the driving education of law enforcement personnel, members of the military and dignitary protection specialists with a strong focus on anti-terrorist driving and police security courses. The driving course through Bobby Ore Motorsports instructs students on the various aspects of safety and vehicle maneuvers through hands-on instruction and lecturing with classes lasting anywhere from one day to three days or more. Bobby Ore also offers a Motion Picture Stunt Driving School that caters to stunt actors and professionals of the film industry. Bobby Ore Motorsports operates through venues located in Sebring, Florida as well as Camarillo, California. Pricing varies based upon course selection, class length and the number of students enrolled.

      Bobby Ore Motorsports

      10681 US Highway 98

      Sebring, FL 33876


    Professional Driving School

    • Catering primarily to students within the state of Massachusetts, Professional Driving School instructs its students on the requirements of the Registry of Motor Vehicles as put forth by the state of Massachusetts. Professional Driving School also instructs students on learning the difference between driving aggressively and driving defensively as well as on their responsibilities as licensed drivers. Professional Driving School works with various professional resources throughout the state, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and local and state police department to show students the dangers of driving drunk and the importance of motor vehicle safety. Classes are available in Hyannis, Sandwich, Plymouth and can last up to one week for day classes and two weeks for evening classes. As of June 2010, the course cost was $725.

      Professional Driving, Inc.


    Professional Driving Systems

    • Located in Dayton, Ohio, Professional Driving Systems offers an intense drivers safety course that consists of 10 hours of classroom training and six hours of actual hands-on driving instruction. All instructors are either active or retired police officers that are well-versed in vehicle safety as well as laws related to the operation of motor vehicles. Professional Driving Systems offers a guarantee that states that if the student driver fails to pass his state-issued driving test, he may repeat the course as needed at no additional charge. As of June 2010, the cost of the course was $450 per person.

      Professional Driving Systems

      5335 Far Hills Ave. Suite 125

      Dayton, OH 45429


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