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Paid Surveys Vs Online Typing Jobs

First of all, is Online Typing Jobs for you? It's important to understand that online typing jobs include just a bit more than typing.
Most online typing jobs earn more money than any other Surveys.
This is because Online Typing jobs are more of affiliate marketing.
The online typing guide provided to you consists of just more than straight forward instructions on what to type and where.
If that was just typing to a site and forget it, it would have been done by anybody (even a 7 year old can type and follow straight instructions).
But there is a twist and the twist to the story is that it requires a bit of intellect and a lot of learning.
(If you are not into a lot of learning, go ahead with survey sites.
Don't use any Typing jobs unless it's secretarial jobs).
Everyone in the home business industry has tried their hands on one of the programs, Paid surveys or Data entry Jobs.
Many have had their fingers burned during the process.
The important thing to know about both the programs is the credibility of the program itself apart from "IS IT FOR YOU?" factor.
Many people just join these programs for quick cash and find that they have lost a lot in the process.
Surveys on the other hand are a straight forward thing as its name suggests.
You have to check on a product, which may be provided by the vendor for free in most cases.
Some times its just viewing a movie trailer and commenting on it.
Some times it is testing a restaurant or a food product from the store and them commenting on the same.
This requires no Skill or know how on Computers at all.
All it requires is good English to communicate what you feel to the client or the survey site.
Who earns more? It's obvious; your typing jobs are unlimited.
There are at least a million affiliate programs you can promote and there is no end to what you can promote at all.
On the other hand there are probably 10-15 surveys you can do in a day.
There happens to be a limit to the amount of surveys you are provided any particular day.
More over Typing jobs are more interesting and highly paid due to the Steep learning curve.
It takes a good amount of learning (Fully provided by most people you sign up with) and a bit of extra investment if you intend to do VERY WELL.

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