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How to Design a Photo Invitation

    • 1). Select the right image for the invitation. If you're designing an invitation for a family reunion, an old family photograph would be appropriate. For a graduation invitation, you might consider two photos. The outside photo could be a kindergarten picture of the child graduating; the inside photo could be a current photo of the child.

    • 2). Open the desktop or word processing program you'll use to create your invitations. Most programs offer templates you can use to base your design on. Go to the "File" menu and choose "New," then browse the templates until you find one that resembles the type of invitation you want to create. Click the template to open it.

    • 3). Edit the template to fit the design you have. Click to select any image in the template, press "delete" on your keyboard to remove the template graphic, then go to the "Insert" menu and browse to the location on your computer where the photo you want to use is located. Click the image to place it in your invitation. Click on the photo and drag to place the photo anywhere you want to place it on the invitation.

    • 4). Select the text on the template and delete it from the template, then type in the text for your invitation. Use the drop-down font menu to select a font style that goes with the purpose of your invitation. Use a formal font for graduations and weddings. Use a more relaxed font style for a family reunion invitation.

    • 5). Print your invitation on invitation card stock you can purchase at an office supply store. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures for invitation stock, so consider the purpose of your invitation and choose a color and texture that complement both the text font style and the photographs included in your invitation.

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