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What Size Bar Sink?

Ok, you have decided to either put in a home bar, or you are putting a new sink into your existing bar.
Either way, you have to decide what size and design sink you will add to your bar.
The first thing you must do is decide what size bar sink you are going to install.
In order to know what the right sized bar sink for your situation is, you have to determine what functions you want the sink to perform.
A bar sink can be for nothing more than rinsing small glasses, all the way up to being used to clean dishes and pots.
It can also be required to do anything in between those things.
If your bar sink is going to be nothing but a place to clean utensils, small glasses, and perhaps wash your hands, then you can get away with a pretty small sink.
Sinks as small as six or eight inches across are available for your home bar.
Before deciding to go with one of these, it pays to take time to consider not only what you currently want your bar sink to be able to do, but what you might want it to do in the future.
It is far cheaper and easier to plan now and put in a larger sink if you think it will be necessary than to have to modify your counter and add a larger sink later.
So, based on what we have stated so far, it makes sense in most cases to install the largest sink your bar can comfortable fit.
If you want a really functional sink that is wide enough and deep enough to allow for the washing of mixers, dishes, bowls, etc, you want something at least 16 inches across and 8-10 inches deep.
Match this with a single pull faucet, and you are equipped to handle any dirty dishes, utensils, and mixing vessels that might find their way into your bar sink.
Before making the decision to upgrade one simple thing you might want to keep in mind is whether you have both hot and cold water, or just There are very good units available that use either a coil heating technology, or have a small tank that mounts under your cabinet and acts as a mini water heater.
Any of these units are fine in a bar sink application.
When choosing your sink, make sure you think it through so you can choose the best sink for your situation and needs.
Keep in mind possible future uses, along with the resale value your bar adds to your home, when making your decisions.

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