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How to Make a Bootable Copy of Windows XP

    • 1). Insert a Windows XP operating system disc into the CD-ROM drive. Open the CD by clicking "My Computer," and right-clicking on the CD-ROM drive, and clicking "Open." The contents of the CD will be displayed.

    • 2). Copy the contents of the entire CD-ROM into a new folder on the desktop. Right-click on the desktop, and click "create new folder." Highlight the contents of the CD-ROM, right-click on one of the highlighted files and click "Copy." Then, right-click in the empty folder and click "Paste."

    • 3). Download the file "smartdrv.exe" to the new folder. The file may be accessed by the link in the "References" section below.

    • 4). Save a Windows 98 boot disk to the desktop. This boot disk will be used to create the Windows XP boot disk, and may be found via the link in the "References" section below.

    • 5). Open a CD-burning program, such as Nero Burning ROM, and click "Create boot disk." Depending on the CD-burning software used, this may be available in the "File" menu. In the "create boot disk" menu, locate and select the Windows 98 boot disk previously saved to the desktop.

    • 6). Copy all of the files in the previously created folder to the new CD project. Click "Burn" to create the bootable Windows XP CD.

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