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Being Still and Doing Nothing Are Two Very Different Things

If you were to imagine yourself doing nothing, what would that look like? Are you sitting in front of the TV watching a movie? Or maybe reading a book? Are you enjoying yourself? What are you thinking about? How does it feel to do nothing? Now, imagine being still.
You are not watching TV; you are not reading a book.
Instead, you are sitting, not moving, being perfectly still and silent.
It is a very different feeling, isn't it? Your thoughts are turned inward and you are alert and watchful.
Every sound and feeling you have is in sharp relief.
Imagine you are a hunter.
You are waiting in your hunting blind for your prey to come out in the open.
You are still, silent, very alert and focused.
You listen to the sounds of the forest.
Your eyes watching for the smallest movement in the brush.
When we procrastinate, we do nothing.
We sit in front of the TV or go to a movie.
When asked by our friends what we did for the weekend the answer is, "oh, nothing much.
" We did nothing and managed to avoid and procrastinate the weekend away.
This goes on and on, day after day, until we wonder why we are not getting more of what we want.
Getting what we want out of life, be it more money, a deeper relationship with our loved ones, or anything, requires us to overcome procrastination.
Overcoming procrastination means that we are motivated to "do something.
" Doing nothing is just another way that we go unconscious.
We avoid doing those things that will get us what we want out of life.
How do we stop procrastinating when "doing nothing" is built into our behaviors? We come home, turn on the TV and "zone out.
" We really want to play with our kids, talk to our wives or husbands about the day.
If we are building a business, we may want to do research about the subject.
Instead, we sit down and watch TV.
Later, when we get up the next day we think about the things we should have done.
We get unhappy with ourselves, and months go by.
We never get what we want because we never got motivated enough to go get it because we were busy, doing nothing.
The best way to start overcoming procrastination is being still.
In stillness, we will start noticing our feelings.
If you couple the stillness with focusing on what you want, then you will have feelings of excitement and desire.
Excitement and desire lead to motivation.
Motivation is motion, coupled with direction, powered by emotion.
You will do the next thing that will get your closer to what you want.
You will start to notice things around you that will help you reach your goals.
You will even start to believe that the universe is conspiring to help you get what you want! Moreover, of course the universe is responding.
I want to make this point clear about meditation.
Meditation is not being still.
Meditation is about clearing your mind.
Focusing all your thoughts on a single point.
A candle or a mantra.
Meditation lifts the illusion of reality and allows us to see beyond ourselves.
This is a vital part of getting what you want out of life.
However, it is not what I mean by being still.
Being still is watchful, yet active.
You feel your feelings, your savor your thoughts and focus on the things that you want.
Being still means not avoiding anything.
So how do we practice being still? Here are some suggestions:
  1. Start in the shower.
    Feel the water and the warmth on your skin.
    Listen to the sounds of the water.
    Now start focusing on what you want, the goals you wish to accomplish.
    Notice your feelings as you focus on your major goals.
    Feel the excitement build as you picture yourself achieving your goals.
    Now, decide what you are going to do that day to get started on your path.
  2. Start a journal.
    Turn of the TV, sit quietly and focus on what you want.
    Write down your feelings of excitement as you see yourself achieving your goals.
    Now, decide what you are going to do that day to get started on your path.
  3. Sit in silence and focus on what you want.
    Just picture yourself achieving your goals.
    What does it look like, how do you feel? Are others with you? Now, decide what you are going to do that day to get started on your path.
Do not just do this once a day.
Start with a minimum of two times a day.
More often is even better.
You want this to become a habit.
I will tell you that the end goal is to be "still" all the time.
You really want to be "still" when talking with someone.
Or driving down the street.
You will find life is more vibrant and colorful if you are "still" from moment to moment.
It is one of the biggest parts of getting what you want, overcoming procrastination, and living life to its fullest.
It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.
Then the victory is yours.
It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.
- Buddha

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