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How to File an Anonymous Complaint at the DCA in New York State

    • 1). Collect evidence to support your complaint. Remember, these programs advocate for the individual so it will be more difficult to inspire action if your complaint is anonymous. If an auto-body shop is using generic parts, but charging for top-shelf parts, try to obtain receipts to prove the fraudulent transaction.

    • 2). Write a free-form letter to the agency describing the complaint. Use clear, concise language while trying to support your evidence. Explain exactly what the receipts illustrate in the auto-body shop fraud, for example.

    • 3). Enclose the letter and any evidence into an envelope and mail the complaint to the appropriate agency without providing any information on who you are. The state run program's address is: New York State Department of State, Division of Consumer Protection, Consumer Assistance Unit, 5 Empire State Plaza, Suite 2101, Albany, NY 12223-1556. New York City's program can be reached at: Consumer Complaints, 9th Floor, New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, 42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004.

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