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Internet Gambling Laws in India

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      Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular. With the click of a mouse, you can enjoy gambling from the comfort of your own home. However, even with online gambling, there are still laws. In some countries, online gambling is still illegal.

      The European Union is pro online gambling and has put laws into place to cater to it. In the United States, gambling is also legal. In India, however, online gambling is illegal, and you can go to jail for participating.

    No Specific Online Laws

    • According to the Internet Business Law Service, there are no specific laws regarding online gambling in India. This doesn't mean you are free to gamble online, though. The Public Gambling Act 1867 states that gambling is banned when used for profit, unless the organization gets approval by the State Assembly.

      Because there are no specific laws for online gambling, the general gambling laws apply. Unless the online casino you wish to gamble on gets approval from the State Assembly to serve Indian gamers, then it is illegal for you to gamble there. And if you do not obey the gambling laws, you risk prosecution.

    Arrests for Breaking Gambling Laws

    • In India, police have arrested people for breaking gambling laws. However, police have a harder time trying to find online betting communities. Many online betting communities are very secretive. These communities are only visible to members and require an invite if you want to view or join. Members usually reside in countries other than India.

    Legislation and Punishment

    • The Public Gambling Act applies to all forms of gambling in India, including Internet gambling. Section 3 of the Public Gambling Act goes into detail about what what constitutes breaking the law. One way you can break the law is by being in charge of or occupying a gambling house. If you break this law, you are subject to a fine. The maximum fine for running or playing in a gambling house is 200 rupees. Jail time of up to 3 months is also possible.

    A Problem of Resources

    • It will take time for India to create an online gambling law and enforce it. The government does not have the expertise or resources to enforce such a ban. Many gambling sites are not run in India, which makes policing these gambling services extremely difficult. Many companies located outside of India do not believe that India's laws apply.

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