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How to Change the Oil on a Mercedes C230

    • 1). Locate oil filter on your Mercedes 230 and place the oil drip pan underneath on the ground. The oil filter will be found under a black cover on the driver's side of the engine, between the valve covers and the firewall. Loosen the filter with an oil filter wrench, about one full turn, to allow oil to flow back into the engine.

    • 2). Raise the front of the car with car jack and place it on jack stands. Remove the engine covers from the bottom of the engine by using an 8 mm socket wrench. Position the oil drip pan under the oil drain plug at the rear of the engine's oil pan.

    • 3). Loosen the oil pan plug with a 1/2-inch open end wrench and allow the oil to drain into the drain pan. When the oil is completely drained, remove the oil filter from the engine.

    • 4). Coat the new oil filter rubber o-ring with a thin layer of oil and screw the filter back onto the engine. Tighten until the filter is snug, but do not over-tighten. Replace the oil drain plug on the drain pan and tighten it with a 1/2-inch open end wrench.

    • 5). Remove the oil cap from the valve cover and pour 5.25 quarts of oil into the engine. Replace the oil cap and turn the key in the ignition to the "on" position for about 10 seconds without starting the engine. This will prime the engine with the new oil. Turn engine on and run it for a couple minutes. Then turn it off.

    • 6). Replace the engine covers on the bottom of the engine and remove the jack stands. Dispose of used oil at your local recycling center or automotive store.

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