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Myths About Choosing A Raw Dog Food Diet For Your Pet

Some dog owners just don't get the idea of feeding their pet a raw dog food diet [].

It's understandable when you think about.

Our dogs are like members of our families. They're like our children and you're not about to feed your child a raw piece of chicken, right? But a raw diet is really misunderstood when it comes to canines.

Here are some common myths debunked.

  1. Raw meat is full of disease - this is only partially true. Raw meat can carry disease, but it's also true that your pup's system can digest and handle many types of bacteria that would be harmful and even deadly to us. So long as you're not feeding your dog spoiled meats, disease shouldn't be a concern.

  2. Commercial dog food has everything my dog need already in it - this is definitely false. Most commercial dogs foods are woefully low in minerals and vitamins that your dog needs to live a happy and healthy life. Add this to all of the damage that commercial processing can do to nutrients and the chemicals and fillers that can be included and commercial dog foods are actually a very unhealthy choice.

  3. A raw dog food diet is expensive - actually more often than you would think the opposite is true. Many times dogs eat cheaper on a raw diet than all of the Alpo you could buy. Raw dog food diet recipes [] are simple and easy, with very few ingredients. And with more nutrients, pup's actually need to eat less. You can also simply set aside some of the meat you would cook for your own meal meaning you wouldn't have to buy anything different than you normally would.

  4. Bones are bad for dogs - this myth is only half right. Cooked bones are bad for dogs. Heat turns the bones brittle and makes them more likely to splinter and cause shards that could harm your dog. Raw bones on the other hand are soft, they crunch instead of splinter. The marrow in raw bones is also incredibly nutritious, helping aid in bone, joint and coat development.

A raw dog food diet doesn't have to be hard or confusing to start implementing in your house. For more information on how to start your dog down the raw path and even some recipes to get you started, go to the Homemade Pet Food Guide [].

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