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How to Catch a Bird Stuck in Your Office

    • 1). Shut all doors leading to the room with the bird.

    • 2). Open the window as wide as you can.

    • 3). Turn off lights and light-emitting computers. This may be sufficient for the bird to notice the brightly lit window and fly out.

    • 4). Draw the drapes or blinds to darken the office. Birds can't see well in dim light, and darkness often has a calming effect. The bird should stop flying and be easier to catch.

    • 5). Put on gloves before trying to catch the bird, if you have any in your office. Rubber or leather gloves provide some protection.

    • 6). Throw or place a towel or sheet over the bird, gently hold the bird with both hands through the towel, take it outside and release. If you have no towel or sheet, a large T-shirt or lightweight jacket will do at a pinch.

    • 7). Wash your hands thoroughly in case the bird was carrying a disease. Launder the towel before you use it for anything else.

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