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New Campers Should Consider Used Camping Equipment

Camping out with family or friends in the middle of nature is one of those memories that can last a lifetime.
The right camping equipment can make a good trip great, and nothing bonds people together like having just the bare essentials and each other.
In short, it strengthens relationships.
However, camping can also be a very expensive activity too.
To be able to camp successfully, you need the proper camping gear with you to protect you against the elements, ensure you have adequate hydration, and of course provide sustenance.
Fortunately, there is a way to buy camping equipment for a better price by finding second hand or used gear.
First and foremost, used camping equipment will save you a ton of money.
Buying a gently used tent, sleeping bags, camping chairs and other essential tools and equipment can lessen your cost by hundreds of dollars.
There are many people who buy a full array of camping gear, go out camping, and after a few times (or even just once), realize that this just isn't their thing, and that they are not made for the great outdoors.
These folks then sell their expensive, high quality gear for a fraction of the cost to get it out of the garage.
Another great thing about buying used camping gear is the fact that you don't have to assemble them, or break them in anymore.
Many stoves require assembly, and you can test a camp lantern to make sure it works before you buy it.
If you bought these items new, you would need to spend time assembling and testing- as well as burning off that paint and oil smell.
Of course, there are downsides to buying used gear as well.
There can be defects on the gear, so you need to check for dents and scratches.
If you buying at a garage sale or a flea market, be sure to look over the item carefully.
eBay seller are supposed to disclose any defects in a auctioned item, be sure to look at any item pictures closely, and feel free to ask the seller any questions before you purchase.
A secret that new campers should know is that you don't need a whole bunch of fancy gear to enjoy camping.
You do need the right gear.
A warm sleeping bag- a dry tent.
This doesn't have to break the bank, in fact, it's a good idea for a new camper not to buy all new gear.
If you don't enjoy camping, you might end up paying a lot of cash for something you will use once.
If you buy used camping equipment, then you are able to save money, and get more supplies for that budget.
Remember, there are a lot of reasons why a person would sell his or her gear at a low price.
It can simply be an unwanted gift or the seller has more than enough of the same gear.
Ask questions and try to get as much information about the camping equipment first before buying it.
In the end, after hours of searching, asking, reading and haggling, you will end up with having a complete set of gear at a fraction of the cost.
There's also some satisfaction in finding a bargain.
If you find that camping is your thing, they you can replace only the items you need with new gear.
Camping equipment is designed to be durable and provide years of service- take advantage of that and pick up a bargain.

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