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Eat More Lose More Diet - And If You Don"t Believe By Now, You Will

Have you ever heard of the eat more lose more diet? It may sound crazy, but what i am about to reveal may shock you.
Currently America is the fattest country in the world.
Perhaps because we have such good television.
Maybe because we like to chill and drink beer and alcohol(which can put pounds on you).
Maybe because those fast food joints and their damn dollar burgers tasting so good.
At any rate we have done it to ourselves.
The fault must be put squarely on our shoulders, especially those that buy what they eat and feed themselves what they eat on their own.
Can it be changed? Of course!, with a special diet more special than any other.
The eat more lose more diet isn't really a diet at all.
It is a lifestyle change, some would even call it an "eating style".
A style at which you can eat all day.
By eating more, at certain intervals during the day, eating every 2 to 3 1/2 hours is everything in this diet.
Careful though, it matters what you eat as well.
The parameters at which you can eat is very broad.
Regular foods and everyday foods are not off limits if you are just trying to lose weight.
You can even have some of the the more fattier foods but it's important to watch your portions.
Moderation is one of the keys to the eat more lose more diet.
Having steak, or even something like fried chicken must be done in moderation.
Something like this must be eaten maybe once in the day, alongside foods that will make you full.
Don't get full on fried chicken.
Instead, get full on something green (no not like key line pie), something like spinach (which tastes good) alongside the fried chicken.
If you must have butter use a very minimal amount.
If you apply it and you think you put too little, deal with it, you'll taste it, it's in there.
Adding salt is also a big no no.
With the eat more lose more diet to much excess salt can, believe it not, stunt your results.
If you can go without it do it.
Try sea salt which is a great alternative to use.
Eating right isn't enough if you want to lose more fast.
Eating right will help you lose weight or even sustain a healthy weight if that is your goal.
This is designed to help you lose more fast and eat more to enjoy eating throughout the day.
Such a style is natural as you will find your body adjusting to it instantly.
You'll be surprised at how your body already knows what to do before you.
You gotta thank God for that.

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