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Puerta del Sol: The Holiday Rentals in Spain Gate of the Sun

For something exciting and different why not book your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN this year? A good place to start your sojourn is in the capitol city of Madrid. If you are interested in the busiest and best known place in Madrid, start your exploration at the Puerta del Sol or the Gate of the Sun. This is the centre of a radial network of ancient roads that looks much like the sun extending out from a square. This network of roads makes up the highways of Spain. The Puerta del Sol was originally a gate in the medieval walls surrounding Madrid in the 15th century. The gate got its name from its position at the time of the rising sun; the gate faced east hence the name.

The Gate of the Sun became an important meeting place for people eager for the latest news as the couriers from abroad and other parts of Spain used this as their goal to the Post Office during the 17th and 19th centuries. Today this area is of less importance as a fortification but more for interesting attractions, such as the massive bear sculpture. The bear is eating fruits from the madrone tree from which Madrid got its name. The bear became a symbol for the people of Madrid as possessing strength.
If you travel into the city via Alcala Street you will shortly come up on the Regina Hotel where you can see the unique statues situated atop the banks. Just a short distance from here is one of Madrid's most important sites: the House of the Post Office. You will recognize the building with its clock face on the side of its large tower. This Post Office was built in 1768 and is more famous as the location to be on New Year's Eve for the eating of the traditional twelve grapes at midnight for good luck in the coming year. This celebration was first broadcast live on TV starting on the 31st of December 1962 and each New Year since then. This area is also where political demonstrations and protests are held in the present day.

This area is also home to some interesting places that you could be searching for while on holiday such as restaurants where you can sample the local fair. There are also a selection of shops with just about anything you need starting with a department store, antique shops and more. As you sit at one of the sidewalk cafes you can't help but notice all the attractions on view that will spark your imagination.

If your feet made it through the day exploring all that Madrid has to offer, then get ready for a night of pure fun away from your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN. To start with have a meal in one of the many top class restaurants or for a quick snack stop at one of the tapas bars. A tapas bar is a great way to sample a lot of different dishes and then make your mind up as to which one you like best. The word tapas means €to cover€: in the old days you use to get a small offering of food placed on top of your drink hence to cover but sadly today there is a charge for this offering. When you finish with the meal get your dancing shoes on and be ready to party. Most establishments don't get kicked in until midnight and continue on until the last one standing leaves or the sun appears over the horizon. Once the clubs close down it's almost time to start exploring again. You are only a short walk from the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and parliament and on the way you will pass by a plethora of shops and restaurants opening their doors just for you. Madrid is like a living thing with a heart and soul kept alive by its loyal residents. Once you enter this magical place you will soon be captured by its ever present charm and culture.

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