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Top Tips For Writing AdWord Ads That Improve CTR

In this topic we look at the importance of wording of the text ad and the messages used to influence a potential customers decision to visit your site and take the action you require.
Get their attention by using keywords in your ad text, especially the title line as it will be bolded when it matches the user search query.
Compelling yet simple ads that promote your product or service that set you apart from your competition.
Sell the benefits of your products i.
Save Time, Work Smarter.
Spell out your unique value proposition.
Inspire trust and confidence with a good reason for the user to believe in what you have on offer.
Award Winner, 25 Years, Risk Free, Free Shipping etc.
Use a strong call-to-action at the end of the third line i.
Sign Up Now, Buy Now, Order Now.
You need to tell a user what action you want them to take once they have clicked the ad and are presented with your landing page.
The right call to action can set the expectations of the users on the final phase of the buying cycle.
The use of a strong call to action such as these filters out users that are just looking and it focuses on potential customers who are ready to buy what you have on offer.
Link the ad to the most appropriate destination landing page url that directly relates to the product or service on offer.
You want to encourage the desired action either a Sign Up request or the sales conversion of a product.
For example, if you are an electronics store selling computers, laptops, digital cameras, and accessories you want to ensure that an ad for Canon Digital Cameras is linked to the digital cameras url or better yet the Canon digital camera url.
As a general rule capitalize the first letter of every word in the ad including your display url to grab more attention to your offer and brand.
Finally, a mention regarding Dynamic Keyword Insertion a technique used by more advanced AdWord advertisers.
This involves placing keyword code in the ad that is used to dynamically change the ad text to match the searchers query when the user searches for the keywords(s).
It works well if you have many different product models, numbers or brands.
For example the same ads title can appear as Purchase ABC Widgets if a user searches for ABS widgets, or appear as Purchase XYZ Widgets if a user searches for XYZ widgets.
There is one issue and that is if the users search keyword(s) match exceeds the length of the line character count then the default keyword is used.
The key with optimizing your ads is to think like a potential customer.
Put yourself in their shoes.
What search keywords are they using? An ad with the same search keyword as the user just typed in to Google is more likely to result in a click through to your site.

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