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Agricultural Activity Games for Kids

    Haystack Hunt

    • Before the activity, hide a variety of different plastic farm animals in a pile of hay. The pile of hay can be set up outside on the ground or inside in a sensory table. Begin activity by talking with children about what animals can be found on farms. After the discussion, allow children to hunt for the animals in the hay. The child that finds the most animals is the winner. Extend the activity by having children sort the animals by type.

    Egg Relay

    • Before the activity, mark a start line and goal line ten feet apart. Begin the activity by discussing egg production, varieties and types of eggs, and the parts of an egg. Divide the children into two teams and have the teams form two lines behind the start line. Give each team a raw egg and a spoon. When the game begins, the first person in each line places the egg in the spoon and walks to the goal line and back holding the handle of the spoon. The next person in line then takes the spoon and the relay continues until one team finishes with all players completing the relay. If a player drops and breaks an egg, he must return to the starting line and get a new egg.

    Animal Sound Game

    • Print out two pictures of each farm animals and glue them to index cards. Give each child a card and explain that they cannot show the card to anyone. When the game begins, the children must find all of the other children that have the same farm animal by only making the sound of the farm animal. The group that finds all of their matching animals first wins.

    From Farm to Table

    • Gather food boxes and wrappers of children's favorite foods. Print out pictures of farm products that are ingredients in the foods, such as vegetables, grains and animals. For example, print out a picture of wheat to go along with a breakfast cereal made from wheat. Have children try to match the box or label with the picture of the ingredient. To extend the activity, use food products that came from several sources, such as a cheeseburger that comes from wheat (bun), cows (meat and cheese) and vegetables (tomato, lettuce and cucumber for pickle).

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